Friday, February 18, 2011

Design, Develop, Produce

Hello All-

As many of you know getting a business of the ground always generates excitement, so many new ideas, so many cool possibilities. Wading through the maybes and the details can make you lose sight of the big picture, so few the last few weeks we have been  picking the final designs and getting samples made.

Corduroy Pink Floral

We had a lot of fun picking out fabrics, and buttons, and learning about snaps. We ended up picking three button styles, a round metal button, a flower and white opaque snap.  The fabric we choose was wide and varied, we wanted to offer more that a flat cotton with a print or with some cute embroidery. We found some great feminine flannel and pretty floral corduroy. We found some fabrics that had glitter and some black velvet that is has lovely embroidery. I can remember showing at midnight and the temperature a frosty 29 degrees and wearing my trainer's coat that was 3 sizes to big for me, I looked like a bag lady. Bearing this experience in mind, Wild Rose is committed to offering a variety of styles, fabrics, and embellishments for the shirt all do one thing well: fit.

Black Velvet
Having this singular goal of creating shirts that really work and look nice for you drives us to deliver that great piece that is what you wanted, fits you
wonderfully, and wear well. I am working to pick fabrics that are wonderfully comfortable, but easy care. I understand you don't (and probably won't) run to the dry cleaner every week to get the dust and sweat out of your shirts, and I don't think you should.

The next fun thing to source will be the trims and embellishments for the shirts. I think we will look in to some different rhinestone applications, and some classy, and simple lace trims.

Talk to you soon!

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